Get a hint from lining lining play of kimono.

We did design of VI and product package of WAGU brand KAGUWA which produces kimono, yukata and Japanese miscellaneous goods. A plum blossom with a prosperous business spirit that is also the motif of CI in WAGU. The shape was expanded in threes, entangled and rebuilt. Kimono has a culture that gives a beautiful design to the lining that looks and hides a little from the cuffs and collar. This time, the package also got a hint from there, and I made it like enjoying the picture of the inside. When you open the lid with snow-whiteness, the landscape of plum blossoms blooms from early to early spring, and you can release a single gourd. And, as for the scent of soap, you can enjoy the scent of plum wine of natural origin. It is a fine item with a high bactericidal effect and fine bubbles.



○client: 株式会社WAGU ○art direction & design: MUZIKA