la nuit de la pleine lune / 満月の夜

■NIGHT of FULL MOON produce of AR (Augmented Reality) contents / Exhibition of Tokyo Graphic Passport at Centre Pompidou in Paris 2011 満月の夜AR(拡張現実)コンテンツ/ ポンピドゥー(パリ)開催Tokyo Graphic Passport 2011 出展。 ○direction,character design,story : Mizuki Totori( MUZIKA ) ○main program : Atsushi Watanabe ( earlycross  inc. ) ○CG artist : Katsuhiko Omori( ekakiya ) ○sound artist : Pesama( CLOCK MUSIC ) ○program : Naoki Masaoka( earlycross inc. ), Osamu Takamori( earlycross inc. ), Ryosuke Manabe ( Kyushu Institute of Technology ) ○powered by : earlycross inc.


▼character design

▼contents image   AR_conte When an iPad is directed at a special code, two 3D characters pop up on the screen. After which, a 4-minute dramatic tragedy. 現実の机上に置いたマーカーをiPadのモニターに映し出すと、そこから2つのキャラクターが出てきます。 4分ほどの、ちょっとした惨劇が楽しめます。


▼exhibition scene

Exhibition at Centre Pompidou in Paris

ポンピドゥー センター(パリ)のエキシビション風景

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